Cream App

A prototype used for customer testing and validation of a product under development by Dangerous Ltd. The goal was to create a minimal looking, fresh, clean design for the app to achieve maximum user friendliness.



Cream is a personalised coupon app that helps young generations save money and connect with the brands they love. Cream partners with leading brands with a focus on the Millennial and Gen Z segments, creating deals that appeal to members and provide them with discounts on brands and products they aspire to, but might not be able to regularly afford.


Cream is a membership. It's something you belong to.

Members enjoy the sense of connection Cream fosters between them and their friends. They appreciate that when someone sends them money in the app, they get something in return. They love that Cream offers discounts on desirable new brands and beautifully design items that are hard to find on the high street.

Once the brand design was created, wireframes were handed to me and I hopped in the project as a user interface designer, having handed it off to development later on via Zeplin.


The starting point was the brand’s background, claim and visual references from which I created a first sketch. With regular weekly check-ups we’d tune in both client’s expectations, and the visual proposals I’d create. I’ve worked with preexistent wireframes but also contributed with some ideas.


The project was very exciting, the relationship with client was easy and open. I would definitely organize layers by names and groups if I had the chance to redo the project (beginner’s mistakes). But overall I’ve learned that less is more, graphic design principles were very helpful while designing for a digital product and I’ve learned how to put myself on the user’s side.